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Brief History: Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Moharpara was estab­lished as a Parish on 16th February 1985 by late Bishop Denzil D’Souza, when Tripura was under Silchar Diocese. It is the first mission started in a tribal area. Until the time it became a Parish in 1985, Mariamnagar Parish looked after this mission. In 1982, Holy Cross Fathers arrived with Fr. Thomas Thengumpally C.S.C., who was the first missionary and subsequently became the first Parish Priest. In 1982, he took over the school that was started by the local people in 1970.  In 1990, the Montfort Brothers reached the Parish and were asked to take care of the school.  Since the land was not sufficient, they shifted the School to Champaknagar in 1993.  The people of Moharpara were unhappy about this.  So in 1993 a School was opened with K.G section.  Fr. Robert, C.S.C.was appointed as its principal.  The Priests also took care of the evangelization work in the surrounding areas. Now the Parish has 33 villages for pastoral care.

The Holy Spirit Sisters came in 1997to collaborate in the work of Education, Evangelization and Health Care. Today, they look after the girls by running a Girls’ Hostel and a Dispensary in their campus. In 2016, the sisters of the Cross of Chavanod (SCC) came to the Parish and started a Convent in Twithampui. Today, they manage a High School, Boys Hostel and Girls Hostel. In 2018, the Pallotine Missionary Sisters (S.A.C.) started a Convent in Twichakma. Today they look after the School and Girls Hostel. 

Established: 1985 
Patron: Immaculate Conception 
Parish Priest: Fr. Arbok Lyngdoh, CSC 
Asst. Priest: Fr. Roby Menachery, CSC 
Asst. Priest: Fr.Hormis John, CSC, 
Address: Immaculate Conception 
Catholic Church 
Teliamura,P.O., Moharpara, 
West Tripura - 799 205 
Telephone (03825) 295509


Brief History: The initial inception of Notre Dame Holy Cross High School, Moharpara had a very humble beginning, under a bamboo structure.  The Village School (Class VI) which was begun by the villagers was handed over to the Fathers of Holy Cross in 1982; they continued to run the school up to 1989.   Holy Cross Fathers invited Montfort Brothers to collaborate in the field of education. Due to lack of personnel the school was handed over to Gabriel Brothers. In year 1993, the location of the school was shifted to Champaknagar in view of better facilities.  The Holy Cross Fathers initiated the process and began Notre Dame Holy Cross School in 1993 with 31 students. Fr. Robert Mathias, C.S.C., was the founder and the first Principal. In the year 2004, the Hostel was constructed. Presently there are 150 boys residing in the Hostel. Fr. Agi Paul, C.S.C., was instrumental in changing T.B.S.E. to C.B.S.E. Board. The first batch of C.B.S.E. students appeared in 2020 and secured excellent results. At present, the school has 1,500, students; two Hostels one for S.T. Boys, the other for S.T. Girls. The Holy Spirit Sisters are running the Girls Hostel and are collaborating in the school administration.

  • Notre Dame Holy Cross School - 1993
    i) Holy Cross Boys' Hostel - 1996
  • Holy Spirit Sisters - 1997
    i) Holy Spirit Girls' Hostel - 2002
    ii)Holy Spirit Dispensary
  • Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod (S.C.C) - 2016    
  • Olive Hill Holy Cross School, Twithampui

Brief History: The School was started in the year 1974 by a committee headed by Mr. Adi Sadan Jamatia and Headmaster Mr. Krishna Mohan Jamatia. In the year 1992, it was recognized by the Govt. of Tripura. In the year 2016, the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod, Guwahati Province, arrived at Twithampui and took charge of the School and constructed a new school building and was upgraded to senior basic level in the year 2018.

  • Holy Cross Jubilee Memorial School, Twichakma - 2017
  • Pallotine Missionary Sisters (S.A.C.) - 2018