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Established             : September 2008

Patron                    :  St. Francis de Sales

Parish Priest           : Fr. Varghese Chakalamury, M.S.F.S.

Asst. Priest             : Fr. Aloysius Lalduhauma, M.S.F.S.

Brief History: There was a long-standing invitation by Bishop Lumen Monteiro, C.S.C., to the M.S.F.S. Fathers to open a mission in Tripura. As an answer to his invitation, in 2006 then Provincial of M.S.F.S. along with his team came to Agartala to open a new mission. Bishop assigned the Sabroom Sub-Division in South Tripura District for the work of evangelization. M.S.F.S. Fathers had their residence in a simple hut before they moved into the new presbytery, which was built in 2008. In September 2008, Bishop Lumen Monteiro, C.S.C. elevated this mission to the status of Parish with Fr. Mathew Vazhaparambil, M.S.F.S., as it’s first Parish Priest. The Fathers also started S.F.S. English Medium School and later in 2015 F.C.C. Sisters started a Hostel for Girls.

In 2011, through the intervention of the M.S.F.S. Provincial Superior Fr. Francis Thadathil, M.S.F.S., the F.C.C. Sisters agreed to work in collaboration with the M.S.F.S. Fathers in Harina School and set up the F.C.C. Convent at East Harina. This was to become the pioneering venture for the F.C.C. Sisters in Tripura. Today the F.C.C. Sisters teach at East Harina and Sindukpathar Schools and run a Girls' Hostel at Sindukpathar.


  • St. Francis de Sales School - 2009
  • FCC Convent - 2015
  • St. Francis de Sales School - E. Harina

Brief History: S.F.S. Residential School, East Harina, which was run by a political leader, was handed over to Fransalian Society. Ever since M.S.F.S. Fathers took up the centre in 2011, there has been a rapid growth. There was a school building, and Teacher’s Quarters when the F.C.C. Sisters of Erankulam Province came to Harina in 2011.The Teachers’ Quarters was renovated and made into a Convent. In 2014, Fr. James Pezhathummoottil, M.S.F.S. took charge. A new Convent was built in 2018 and one more building for 3 classrooms and presbytery was built. The new Convent was blessed on 17th May 2019 and the new Priest’s residence and classrooms were blessed on 18thNovember 2019 by Bishop Lumen Monteiro, C.S.C.


Holy Cross Convent


Established                       : 2024

Superior                            :

Address                            : E. Harina, Sabroom

                                          South Tripura, 799145