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Brief History: Sacred Heart Parish Bishramganj came into existence on 10th May 1995. The Parish was carved out of Mariamnagar Parish and late Bishop Denzil of Silchar entrusted it to the Salesians of Don Bosco who were running St. Xavier’s School Pathaliaghat since 1991. The Parish functioned from the same campus as the School and Fr. Joseph Kizhakkechennadu, S.D.B. the Rector of St. Xavier’s was made the first Parish Priest. In May 2002, the Parish was shifted to Don Bosco Centre, where a new Salesian presence was started in 1999 and Coaching classes for Madhyamik dropouts and Vocational Training were given to the Youth. In September 2007, the Killa Block area was added to Bishramganj Parish detaching it from Tuikarmaw Parish. 

In Bishramganj, the Vocational Training Centre with employment oriented courses and agricultural training for dropouts is going on. 

A School was begun in Naba Sardar Para in 2006. Likewise a School was started in the Centre in 2010. Since June 2013, the F.M.M. Sisters are looking after both these Schools. Another School was started at Herma in 2010. In 2011, a School was started at Sukmohanpara in the Killa area, and the M.S.M.H.C. Sisters are looking after it. St. Xavier's School at Pathaliaghat, run by the Salesians of Don Bosco is now a Higher Secondary School under the CBSE Board. The Hostel caters to a large number of children from the interior villages of Tripura.

Auxilium Convent, belonging to the F.M.A. Sisters cares for the Girls in the Hostel and they run the Pre-primary section in their premises.

The M.S.M.H.C. Sisters started Don Bosco School in Udaipur Town in 1999 and today it has grown to be a big Institution under the CBSE Board. A Hostel for Girls is on the campus.

The Apostolic Carmel (A.C.) Sisters came to Tripura in 2012 to pioneer and run St. Joseph School for the Diocese. Their Convent at Gokulnagar is the first in the Diocese of Agartala.

The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (F.M.M.) Sisters came to the Diocese in June 2013 with six Sisters from five Provinces. Today they look after the Parish School at the Centre and help in the pastoral work.


Established: 1995 
Patron: Sacred Heart 
Parish Priest: Fr. Remol Marak, SDB 
Asst. Priest: Fr. Thomas Marak, SDB 
Address: Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 
Bishramganj P.O 
West Tripura, 799103.


  • Don Bosco Community, Bishramganj

    Established              : 2010

    Rector                      : Fr. Remol Marak, S.D.B.

    Address                    : Sacred Heart Catholic Church,

       Bishramganj, P.O.,

       Sipahijala Dt. -799 103.

    Email                        : [email protected] 


    St. Xavier’s Higher Sec. School, Pathaliaghat

    Established             : 1991

    Rector                     : Fr. Blasius Kujur, S.D.B.

    Principal                  : Fr. Babu PallithotamS.D.B.

    Address                   : Pathaliaghat, Bishramganj P.O.,

                                      Sipahijala Dt. - 799 103, Tripura.

    Telephone                : (0381) 2867575/ 2867560 (Residence)


    Brief History: St. Xavier’s Higher Secondary School, Pathaliaghat, is an English Medium Minority Educational Institute, for both Boys and Girls, and is owned and run by Salesians of Don Bosco (S.D.B.). It was established in 1985 by Mr. Atul Debbarma who later handed over the School to the Salesian Congregation in November 1991. The School is recognized by the Government of Tripura and is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi (C.B.S.E.).

    St. Xavier’s Boys’ Hostel (1991)


    Auxilium Convent

    Established             : 1995

    Superior                  : Sr. Rihun Sten, FMA

    Address                  : Pathaliaghat, Bishramganj, P.O

     Sipahijala Dt. -799 103.

    Auxilium Girls’ Hostel

    Auxilium Health Centre

    Don Bosco Pre-Novitiate, Herma

    Established         : 2007

    Rector/Director    : Fr. Glorius Syiemlieh, S.D.B.

    Address               : Bosco Home - Herma

                                  Rangmala P.O, Sipahijala Dist.,

                                  Tripura 799 103.


    Apostolic Carmel Sisters, Gokulnagar

    Established             :  2012

    Superior                  :  Sr. Dibya Sushma, A.C.

    Address                   : Carmel Convent, CTI Lane,

    Gokulnangar, Sekerkote P.O. - 799 130,

    Sipahijala Dt., Tripura.

    St. Joseph School, Gokulnagar

    Established             :  2012

    Principal                  :  Fr. K.M. Allwin

    HeadMistress          : Sr. Virginia Sangma, A.C.

    Address                  :  Uttam Chowmuhani, East Gokulnagar,

      Sekerkote P.O. - 799 130, Sipahijala Dt.

    Brief History: Bishop Lumen had been approached by some of the people in the locality to start an English medium School. Though Bishop himself had purchased this plot of land with an intention of starting a School, he had no one to help him. Then, the A.C. Sisters of Kolkata Province volunteered to run the School for the Diocese and so in 2012 four AC Sisters were appointed and a small School building was built and 42 children took admission to KG-1. Each year just one class was added; but the admissions kept rising and infrastructures became insuffcient. But the Bishop managed with local and foreign benefactor’s help. In 2021, the School administration was taken up by the Diocese and the A.C. Sisters continue to help with their personnel.

    Don Bosco School, Herma

    Established             :  2013

    Principal                  :  Fr. Suman Kiro S.D.B.

    Address                    : Herma via Bishgramganj,

       Sipahijala Dt., Tripura.    

    Brief History: On 16th February 2005, four people from Herma village went to meet Fr. Balaprasad S.V.D., and asked for a School. Fr Balaprasad was residing in Champak Nagar, Pastoral Center. He received them kindly, listened to them, and directed them to S.D.B. Fathers, since the territory was under Bishramganj Parish. In March 2005, a plot of land measuring 12 acres was purchased at Herma Durantapara. On 29th November, the foundation was laid. Don Bosco School Herma was built in 2009 by Fr. Sunny S.D.B.and Fr.Jose KK, S.D.B. and the classes began on 15th February 2010.  In the year 2013, we began with four classes, from nursery to class II, with 68 students on the rolls.

    Don Bosco School, Takarjala

    Established             : 2013

    Principal                  : Sr. Shanta Tigga, V.S.D.B.

    Address                  : Takarjala, via Jampuijilla,

     Sipahijala Dt., Tripura.

    V.S.D.B. Sisters

    Established             : 2021

    Superior                  : Sr. Peaceful Kympat, V.S.D.B.

    Address                  : Bishramganj P.O. Sipahijala Dt.

     Tripura - 799 103.