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Brief History: In 1985, Mr. Aghure Debbarma had contacted the Parish Priest of Mariamnagar, Fr. Jose Sarpathil C.S.C., who in turn took interest to see that their aspirations were met. An English medium School managed by a retired Government teacher, Mr. Shoshanko Debbarma, was but a humble beginning for the future Parish of Bodhjungnagar. 

From 1988, Fr. Isaac Kelamparambil, C.S.C. would make frequent visits to Bodhjungnagar and later stayed there. In 1989, the Fathers took over the School and started a Hostel for both Boys and Girls.

On 22nd March 1990, M.S.M.H.C. Sisters came to help this mission. Blessed Andre Parish was established on 9th May 1991 and Fr. Isaac K. became its first Parish Priest. The Sisters helped out in the School and the Girls Hostel. M.S.M.H.C. Sisters left the Parish in the year 2009 and S.A.B.S. Sisters arrived in Bodhjungnagar in 2011.  

In 2005, the Holy Cross Sisters arrived in Tripura and stayed in Boys’ Town and took care of the Boys there. Later in 2013, the Sisters shifted their Convent to Barakathal establishing a Convent School there.  

The Boys’ Town was started in 2001 with the generous help of benefactors by Fr. Robert Mathias, C.S.C. Now this is taken care of by Fathers from the Minor Seminary.  

Established: 1991 
Patron: St. Andre 
Parish Priest: Fr. Maria Raj Irudhyam, CSC
Assistant Priest: Fr. Iswar Lal Happa, CSC   
Address: St. Andre Catholic Church 
Bodhjungnagar P.O. Agartala 
West Tripura - 799210 
Telephone (0381) 2907642/ 2865426


  • St. Andre Higher Secondary School

    Established             : 1989

    Principal                  : Fr. Iswar Lal Happa, C.S.C.      

    Address                  : St. Andre School, KM. Hathai,


                Bodhjungnagar P.O., Agartala,

     West Tripura -799 210.   

    Telephone               : (0381) 2865425    

    Brief History: Saint Andre School, Bodhjungnagar was started in the year 1986, with 12 children and one Teacher. Due to lack of proper experience the people offered the School to the Holy Cross Fathers in the year 1991. Since then Saint Andre School has been managed and administered by the Holy Cross Educational Foundation. The School was initially affiliated toT.B.S.E. In the year 2000, it was affiliated to C.B.S.E. Fr. Isaac Kelamparambil, C.S.C. was the first Principal of the School. Over the years, the School received able leadership from many Holy Cross Priests.

    In the journey of School, M.S.M.H.C. Sisters, Holy Cross Sisters and S.A.B.S. sisters have played a vital role in the School to educate the hearts and minds of the young ones entrusted to its care.


    Andre Boys’ Home (1992)

    Boys’ Town (2001)


    Holy Cross College, Agartala

    Established                       : 2009          

    Principal                            : Fr. Benny K. J., C.S.C.   

    Vice Principal                    : Fr. Joe Paul., C.S.C.

    Address                            : Jubatara, Lembucherra,

                                               Mohanpur Rd.,     

     Agartala, W. Tripura - 799 210.

    Mobile                              : 8974093501

    Email                                : [email protected]       

    Web                                 :


    S.A.B.S. Convent

    Established             : 2011

    Superior                  : Sr. Tesline Vattakara, S.A.B.S. 

    Address                  : Little Flower Adoration Convent,

     KM. Hathai, Bhagavanthakurpara,

                Bodhjungnagar P.O., Agartala,

     West Tripura - 799 210.


    Moreau Girls’ Hostel

    Langma Health Centre


    Holy Cross College Community, Jubatara

    Established                       : 2017

    Superior                            : Fr. Benny K. J., C.S.C.   

    Address                            : Jubatara, Lembucherra,

    Mohanpur Rd.,     

    Agartala, W. Tripura - 799 210.


    Franciscan Servants of Mary (F.S.M.) Convent, Jubatara

    Established                       : 2015

    Superior                            : Sr. Annie Joseph, F.S.M.

    Address                            : Maria Villa, Laximipara, Jubatara,

    Lembuchera P.O., Agartala,

    West Tripura - 799 210.

    Holy Cross Convent, Barakathal

    Established                        : 2013

    Superior                             : Sr. Mitali Mree, C.S.C.

    Address                             : Our Lady of Holy Cross Convent,

     Chintarampara, Barakathal P.O.

     P.S. Sidhai Mohanpur,



    Holy Cross Convent School, Barakathal

    Established                        : 2013

    Headmistress                    : Sr. Khocham Mossang, C.S.C.,

    Address                             : Our Lady of Holy Cross Convent,

     Chintarampara, Barakathal P.O.

     P.S. Sidhai Mohanpur,


    Brief History: From 2012, the Sisters of the Holy Cross started to reside in Barakathal village and began the education apostolate for the children in the village. Holy Cross Fathers initiated a School on the Church property in Barakathal.On 16thJanuary 2012, the Sisters of the Holy Cross assisted the Teachers in Salka Holy Cross School. Besides working in this School the Sisters began to visit families and work with the youth group of the local community. Having this experiencethe Sisters were encouraged to establish their own education ministry. They purchased a plot of land. The ground-breaking ceremony took place on 12thNovember 2013 and School was named “Our Lady of Holy Cross School” run by the Congregation.


    St.  Andre Minor Seminary

    Established                        : 2013

    Director                              : Fr. John PKC, C.S.C.

    Asst. Director                     : Fr. Vicky Lamin, C.S.C.

    Address                             : St. Andre Minor Seminary,

     Andre Nagar,


                           Bodhjungnagar P.O., Agartala,

                           West Tripura-799 210.