Parish Details


Established        : 1990
Patron                : Christ the King
Parish Priest      : Fr. P. Amalraj
Asst. Priest        : Fr. Lawrence Darlong
Asst. Priest        : Fr. Derrick Augustin
Address: Christ the King Church 
Jotonbari P.O. 
South Tripura - 799 104 

Brief History: The Uchois were the first tribal group in this area to embrace Catholicism in early 1950’s. Initially they were under Mariamnagar Parish. Fr. Adaikalasamy, C.S.C. who was in Mariamnagar Parish used to visit this place and in 1987, he started residing there. Slowly, he opened a School and a Hostel for the local people. From 1988, the Bethany Sisters established their Convent.  They also started Nirmala Vocational Training Centre for training Girls especially in tailoring, weaving and knitting.  The Sisters started a St. Joseph Health Center in 1989.
In 1990, Christ King Parish was established with Fr. Adaikalasamy C.S.C. as its first Parish Priest. A new School building and two new Hostels for Boys and Girls were built in 1997 with the generous help from donors.
After working tirelessly for the development of the Parish, the Holy Cross Fathers handed the Parish to the Diocese in 2002 and Fr. Philip Neri Dias, a Fidei donnum priest from the Archdiocese of Goa became the Parish Priest.  In 2014, six mondolis were taken from Depacherra to create the new Parish at Amarpur at Burburia. In 2020, the new Parish of Karbook was established. Presently the Parish has 14 mondolis, comprising of various tribal groups such as Uchois, Reangs, Jamatias, Garos and Debbarmas. 


Brief History: On 23rd of October 1986, the villagers of Rangacherra approached Fr. Adaikalasamy C.S.C., for an English Medium School. A temporary bamboo shed was built at Rangacherra and Holy Cross School Depacherra was established on 11th of February, 1987 with KG section and was christened “Christ the King School”. Mr. Thanda Francis Uchoi was appointed Teacher. Fr. Adai C.S.C. was the first Principal, and Fr. P.V. Joseph C.S.C. helped him in the mission and the School at Depacherra.
On the 21st January 1988, a drunkard man set fire to the School and it was completely burned down. Rangacherra Chapel was used, till a new structure was made.
On 17th January1989, the Fathers moved to their new residence at Depacherra. On 9th November 1989, the Foundation was laid. On 15thJanuary 1990, the School name was changed from Christ the King School to Holy Cross School. In the year 2002, the Holy Cross Fathers handed over the Parish and School to the Diocese. 

Holy Cross High School 1987
i) Holy Cross Boys' Hostel
Bethany Convent

Established    : 1988

Superior         : Sr. Celestina Hansdak, B.S.

Address          : Jotonbari P.O., Depacherra, Gomati Dt., Tripura - 799 104.


Holy Cross Girls’ Hostel – 1989

St.  Joseph Health Centre – 1989