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ST. FRANCIS XAVIER CATHEDRAL, AGARTALABrief History: It was Bishop Lumen’s desire from the beginning of the new Diocese to have a Parish in the Town. So, he purchased a place adjacent to the Bishop’s House and established St. Joseph Parish on 24th December 1999. Fr. Hormis John, C.S.C. was appointed as the first Parish Priest. Until this time, the faithful used to gather for liturgical services at M.C. Sisters Chapel in Agartala and Bethany Sister’s Chapel at Durjoynagar. 

In 2012, Don Bosco Parish was carved out from the St. Joseph Parish

In 2014 the Parish was declared as the Cathedral Parish and re-named as St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, the Patron Saint of the Diocese. The Cathedral Church was blessed on 23 April 2017 and after some modifications, it was rededicated on 1st February 2021.  St. Francis Xavier is a City Parish and comprises of Catholics who come from different parts of Tripura and other parts of India. The local tribal communities who speak Kokborok comprise half the number of the parishioners.




Established : 11th Sep, 2015 
Patron to St. Francis Xavier Cathedral 
Parish Priest Fr. Lourdhu Sahaya Raj, CSC 
Address to St. Francis Xavier Cathedral 
Durjoynagar, P.O. 
Airport Road, Agartala, 
West Tripura. 799009


  • Holy Cross Provincial House, Agartala
  • Holy Cross Fathers, Agartala 
    (Moreau Community House)
  • Holy Cross School, Agartala
  • Holy Cross College, Agartala
  • Holy Cross Study House 
    i) Holy Cross Boys' Hostel 
    ii)Holy Cross Girls' Hostel
  • Holy Cross Convent, Agartala
  • Nirmala Shishu Bhavan, Agartala
  • Oisho Bani Niketan, Agartala
  • Fatima Bhavan & Fatima Convent School, Damdamia

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The beginning of the Catholic faith in Tripura dates back many centuries. Fr. Ignatius Gomes, a Jesuit priest made the first reference to the Christians of Mariamnagar in Agartala when he visited them in 1683. Fr. P. Barbe, the Pastor of Chittagong, visited Tripura in 1843. Holy Cross pioneering missionaries Fr. Louis Augustine Verite and Fr. Beboit Adolphe Mercier visited Agartala in 1856 and .... Read More »

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