St. Raphael Parish, Kamaranga

Fr. Jomon SVD parish priest invited Holy Family Srs of Delhi for Home Mission Ministry at Kamaranga Parish in Tripura state of North East India. Sr. Rekha Maria, Sr. Vineetha Jose, Sr. Asha Paul and Sr. Albina arrived at Kamaranga on 02/03/2020.Sisters stayed in the families of the people as far as possible and visited 10 substations of the parish comprised of -- 210-families and left Kamaranga on 12/03/2020.

Kamaranga is part of Agartala Diocese in Tripura. The community is 98%of local tribals and Adivasis. They speak local tribal languages and very few only can speak and understand Hindi. People are economically very poor struggling to meet the both ends as they all depend on forest cultivation for their lively hood. They are first generation Christians .Moral life and faith life are shallow. 

Home Visits 

The sisters spent the days with visiting the families. The breakfast and lunch were arranged in the families. The families took care of the sisters very lovingly.The visit included a rapport building with the family members, small prayer and taking a passage from the Word of God by the elder of the family . Blessing the family with sprinkling of Holy water and individual counselling with the gifts of the Holy Spirit laying hands over them. The sisters emphasised on Family Prayer, Confession, regular Sunday masses. The evenings were spent in Holy hour, confession, Talks and Holy mass in the substation Churches and later supper in one of the families .The people are extremely hospitable, accomadative, open, sincere and affectionate. 
Other activities 

1. Assisted the parish priest to conduct Holy hour. 
2. Sr. Vineeta and Sr. Asha Paul gave sessions on Holy Confession and Holy Eucharistic during the holy hour at every substation. 

3. Sr. Asha Paul - a High Court Advocate of Delhi Hight court spoke on general laws to people in one substation. 
4. Sisters met hostel students and instructed them about prayer life. 

Out come 

1. Every one made confession and received Holy Communion. 

2. Many made confession after so many years. 

3. Somany of them got healing from physical and mental ailments. 

4. With the gift of Knowledge and vision the HF sisters could lead the people to the realisation of their short comings and were very well Prepared for deep Confessions which took hours together,

5. People grew in faith and love of God. 

6. People are freed from prejudices and superstitious beliefs 

7. Married couple were given guidance to life of fidelity and mutual trust. The whole Kamranga parishners were so very happy with the Home Mission Ministry of Holy Family sisters of Delhi-organized very well by the pp Fr. Jomon Thatta Mattam SVD along with the pastoral Parish Council. By Sr. Adv.. Asha Paul Hfs_Delhi

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The beginning of the Catholic faith in Tripura dates back many centuries. Fr. Ignatius Gomes, a Jesuit priest made the first reference to the Christians of Mariamnagar in Agartala when he visited them in 1683. Fr. P. Barbe, the Pastor of Chittagong, visited Tripura in 1843. Holy Cross pioneering missionaries Fr. Louis Augustine Verite and Fr. Beboit Adolphe Mercier visited Agartala in 1856 and .... Read More »

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