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Patrons's Day of Agartala Diocese Celebrated

Patrons's Day of Agartala Diocese Celebrated

On 3 December 2022, the diocese of Agartala celebrated the feast of Francis Xavier, the patron saint of Agartala Diocese. Followed by the Clergy Meeting, Bishop presided over the Solemn Eucharistic Celebration in Francis Xavier Cathedral, along with a big number of Priests. In his homily he shared about the inspiration he draws constantly from the life of Francis Xavier, and exhorted everyone to be led by the spirit of Francis Xavier, one of the greatest missionaries the world ever saw.

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The beginning of the Catholic faith in Tripura dates back many centuries. Fr. Ignatius Gomes, a Jesuit priest made the first reference to the Christians of Mariamnagar in Agartala when he visited them in 1683. Fr. P. Barbe, the Pastor of Chittagong, visited Tripura in 1843. Holy Cross pioneering missionaries Fr. Louis Augustine Verite and Fr. Beboit Adolphe Mercier visited Agartala in 1856 and .... Read More »

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