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Conclusion of Agartala Diocese Pre-synodal Meeting

Conclusion of Agartala Diocese Pre-synodal Meeting

The diocese of Agartala concluded the Diocesan Pre-synodal Meeting at Francis Xavier's Cathedral, Agartala on 11 June 2022. Rev Fr Irudhaya Jothi SJ, the resource person for the Pre-Synodal Animation in the diocese of Agartala emphasized on the importance of "journeying together ". Most of the participants acknowledged that the meeting provided an opportunity to the diverse members of the diocese to come together for the liturgical celebration, to pray together and to reflect together on the Synodal process. Rev. Lumen Monteiro, Bishop of Agartala spoke on the emphasis given in the diocese for the faith formation of the laity, and encouraged everyone to walk together as one. 

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The beginning of the Catholic faith in Tripura dates back many centuries. Fr. Ignatius Gomes, a Jesuit priest made the first reference to the Christians of Mariamnagar in Agartala when he visited them in 1683. Fr. P. Barbe, the Pastor of Chittagong, visited Tripura in 1843. Holy Cross pioneering missionaries Fr. Louis Augustine Verite and Fr. Beboit Adolphe Mercier visited Agartala in 1856 and .... Read More »

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